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Selling Cheap Methanol from us PT. Indo Daisun Sakti. We, a methanol supplier located in Jakarta, sell cheap methanol which is a chemical compound that is a raw material for various industries including acetic acid, formaldehyde, MTBE, Polyvinyl, Textile, Plastics, Plywood Polyester, Rubber, Synthetic Resin, DME, Pharmaceutical, Insecticides and others. Methanol is also referred to as methyl alcohol, wood alcohol or spiritus. It has the molecular formula CH3OH which is the simplest form of alcohol. This chemical has a molecular weight of 32,043 g/mol and is liquid at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure. The boiling point is 64.7 ° C and the melting point is -98.68 ° C. Methanol which has volatile, colorless, flammable and toxic properties with a distinctive odor. Looking for companies that sell cheap methanol? Contact us now who provides products with cheap and competitive methanol per liter prices for your industrial needs.
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