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Specification of Alat Laboratorium Corong Pemisah

Separator Funnel Laboratory Tool

Separation Funnel Laboratory Tool is used to separate two kinds of solvents which do not mix with each other as in the liquid-liquid extraction process. In the liquid-liquid extraction process the solution will be separated first, then allowed to stand for a while until each solution is separated. A solution with a smaller density will be under removal by opening the tap carefully.

The available capacity for this tool is:

    250 ml capacity.
    500 ml capacity.
    1000 ml capacity.
    2000 ml capacity.

Funnel Conical Laboratory Tool which is covered in half a ball. He has a plug on it and a tap under it. The separating funnel used in the laboratory is made of borosilicate glass and the faucet is made of glass or Teflon. The size of the separating funnel varies between 50 mL to 3 L. In an industrial scale, the separating funnel can be very large and have a centrifuge installed

1 125 ml size funnel unit, price: IDR 42,000

The function of the separating funnel to separate two solutions that are not mixed due to differences in density.
Separate funnels are usually used in the extraction process

General Laboratory Equipment

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