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Amphitol 55AB (CAPB)
Amphitol 55AB (CAPB)
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Sell Amphitol 55AB (CAPB)

Specification of Amphitol 55AB (CAPB)

We sell Amphitol 55AB (CAPB) made by KAO and SLS Liquid or Needle Liquid.

Amphitol 55AB and Cocamidoproyl Betanes have the same function of producing many foams, except that Amphitol 55AB is produced by kao and Cocamidoproyl Betanes in production by BASF.

While SLS LIQUID or NEEDLE LIQUID is a SLS/ texapon powder in the form of paste liquid. The advantage over Amphitol and Cocamidoproyl Betanes is that the active content of SLS is 97% pure, so the resulted foam is definitely more and bigger,furthermore, it can also  save texapon usage. While for the cheaper price, it is produced by a famous factory in Kerawang

We also serve many retail and party purchases.

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