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REGEN is a liquid bleach and cleanser for all polymer / plastic products, this liquid is useful for those of you who run a plastic recycle business.

Aprikasi REGEN liquid for:

• All types of INJEK HD PE plastic & BLOW, LD PE, PP, LL, PE, PET

• Good in the form of leaf sheets, bottles and mills

• Clean plastic packaging of all types of chemicals (oil, cleaning chemicals, officers, sauce / soy sauce, etc.)

• Does not change the properties of plastic and does not change the color of the plastic

• Eliminate moss, crust, dirt that still sticks to plastic packaging even though it has been washed with all kinds of cleaning and plastic bleach

To whiten and clean up dirt in the form of crust, ruminants, remnants of chili / tomato sauce, soy sauce, etc. that are not too severe remdam your plastic products to REGEN for 1-2 hours. For used lubricating oil, grease, vegetable oil and silicone oil, the REGEN immersion process takes longer depending on how dirty it is.

REGEN can be used repeatedly, when the REGEN changes color from clear yellow to clear means that the active content of REGEN has run out. DO NOT WASTE You can refill the active ingredients, the conditions are easy to send to us REGEN and we will refill the active ingredient, make it easy.


Pour all the mills / plastic bottles into the washing container, then enter REGEN. To get maximum results, all mills / plastic bottles are all soaked. Wait for 1 or 3 hours depending on how dirty, after pure white and rinse with soapy water (so that the cleaning process stops) then dry. The results can be seen white, berish and shiny, ready to use for production.

20 Liter REGEN can clean and cover 5000 kg of mill material, the requirement is all plastic mills are all soaked!

REGEN is not harmful to your health, your plastic packaging is washed with soap after it has been submerged in regen

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