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We sell Soda Ash or Sodium Carbonat with super quality and low prices.

Other names for Soda Ash: Sodium Carbonate, Soda Ash, Soda Wash, Soda Crystal, Washing Soda

Soda Ash with the chemical formula Na₂CO₃ is used in industry:

• The glass industry is a large Soda Ash consumption department, which consumes 0.2 tons of soda per tonne of glass. Mainly used in float glass, CRT glass shell, optical glass and so on.

• Can also be used in the chemical, metallurgical and other majors. The use of heavy soda ash can reduce alkaline dust, reduce consumption of raw materials, improve working conditions, improve product quality, and reduce the erosion of alkaline powder in refractories, extending the life of the kiln.

• As a buffer, neutralizing agent and improver dough, can be used to feed pastry and flour, according to the needs of the use of production needs.

• Used as a detergent for flushing wool, bath salts and medicines, tanning agent alkali skin.

• For the food industry, as a neutralizing agent, swelling substances, such as the manufacture of amino acids, soy sauce and flour such as steamed buns, bread and so on. This can be added to the paste with alkaline water to increase elasticity and tenacity. Sodium carbonate can also be used to produce MSG

• Special reagents for color TVs

• Used in the pharmaceutical industry, as an acidic solution, permeable laxative.

• Anhydrous sodium carbonate for chemical and electrochemical removal from oil, electroless copper coating, aluminum corrosion, electrolytic polishing of aluminum and alloys, aluminum chemical oxidation, sealing after phosphate packing, rust prevention between processes, electrolytic removal of chromium layers and chromium oxide. film, etc., are also used in a solution of copper, steel, electrically coated steel alloys

• Metallurgy is used as a smelting flux, a flotation agent for beneficiation, steelmaking and antimony smelting as a desulfurization agent.

• Coloring and printing industry as a water softener.


Whereas in the household for:

• soda ash in swimming pool treatment has the function of binding the dirt in the water, so the dirt settles to the bottom of the pool.

• Director General: Can be used as a water softener in washing clothes. It collides with magnesium and calcium ions in water and prevents it from bonding to the detergent that is being used. Sodium carbonate can be used to remove oil, oil, and wine rust.

We are PT. Indo Daisun Sakti guarantees that our CHEMICAL products are not mixed with diluent products and so on,

We are very concerned about quality, because our motto "QUALITY No. 1 "

For prices and stock availability, please contact us at the number listed on our website or the product photo

For samples we can send or can also come to our office at LTC Glodok Lt. 2 blocks C 9 No. 7 and 8


• Each shipment takes time for neat and safe packaging, making the address label, the packing process and delivery to the courier

√ Orders that arrive until 3:00 p.m. will be processed on the same day

√ Orders that arrive after 3:00 p.m. will be processed the next day


• Gojek and Instant Grab: Jakarta

• JNE: Jabodetabeka and JAWA BARAT (stuck in West Java YES)

• TIKI: Jabodetabeka and JAWA BARAT (stuck in West Java YES)

• WAHANA: All of Java and Lampung are only major cities

• KOBERA: All over Java

• POS INDONESIA: Entire Java



• Shipments can only be made by those listed above, other than those listed we openly accept Expeditions / Couriers requested by the buyer as long as the expedition / courier is close to our location

excess shipping costs that have been agreed upon, can be returned via bank transfer

• For buyers who object to the long delivery time, it is recommended not to order this product! so as not to be disappointed. Because we are not AUTHORIZED to arrange expeditions


• Specifically for liquid shipments required by land Can not be via plane, to avoid rejection from the courier

• Outside P. Java Sumsel Bali Madura can now use POS Indonesia

with a minimum order requirement of 3 liters required!

• For buyers who object to the long delivery time, it is recommended not to order this product!

Please understand, because we give priority to the safety and interests of customers, we do not want our kind customers disappointed because of shipping


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