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We sell alum at low prices:

Alum Function:

• Water Purifier

Alum can trap water from the arena Alum can precipitate dirt in the water (coagulation properties)

Put the alum into the well or the water to be purified with a ratio of 1 ounce of 200 liters of water, waiting for about 1 hour, then the water will change more clearly.

• Remove moss

Soak alum in a glass of water, then the water to clean the bathroom until it's clean.

• Body odor removal

Alum is also known as deodorant because alum can suppress the growth of bacteria in the armpits.

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WA                     : 08176467515

Telephone          : 021-62200846

Address             : LTC Glodok 2nd floor block C 9 No. 7

                            Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 127, West Jakarta 11180

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