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Selling Texapon in Jakarta

PT. Indo Daisun Sakti, a supplier of industrial chemicals in Jakarta, one of which is selling various types of texapon. We sell texapon is a trade name of the chemical compound Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which has the molecular formula C12H25SO4Na which has the form of a gel with a clear color. These chemicals are artificial surfactants that can be used as a basis for making liquid soap, shampoo and toothpaste. This chemical is a good detergent, because the salt comes from strong acids, the solution is neutral. The calcium and magnesium salts do not settle in the solution, so they can be used with soft water or hard water. This chemical functions as a foam enhancer on soap. We provide texapon powder, buy this product through us at competitive prices for the needs of your industry.

Latest Texapon Prices

Looking for the latest and cheapest texapon prices? Contact us immediately who provide the latest price list from our texapon suppliers / distributors in Indonesia with competitive prices and the most complete. What are you waiting for, buy this product at the latest texapon prices now from us that you can use for your industrial needs.
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