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Safety Shoes (Safety Shoes) is one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that must be used by someone when working to avoid the risk of accidents. Not only does it protect workers' body parts against the risk of accidents, but by using septic shoes, workers will be more free to move so that they can increase the effectiveness and expected production results.

Cheetah brand safety shoes in addition to trending models, are also very safe and comfortable to wear. The advantages of safety shoes compared to ordinary shoes                                                              

Protect your feet from sharp objects

In the work environment, especially in the field of building construction, of course using these shoes is very useful for you so that your feet are not exposed to sharp objects such as broken gravel, pieces of glass and nails in a building. Therefore, if there are relatives or friends who work in vulnerable places like this and still use flip-flops, please be reminded to use these shoes.              


Avoiding a very fatal work accident

In the world of work we often hear the term work accident where this accident occurs when we are in working condition. Some fatal accidents such as falling hard objects such as stones, hammers, hammers and so on so that your feet stay safe.                                                        


Protected from hot objects

Often construction workers, especially those who are building skyscrapers, where they are installing reinforcement or concrete for the floor, usually the iron turns into hot iron when exposed to the hot sun. By using these special shoes feet are free from the name heat or overheating. In addition, the leather material used to make these shoes is not flammable so that it can prevent you from getting burned in the event of a fire.                                                                                                                                   

Makes us comfortable and agile

These safety shoes are also designed in such a way according to their use so that if we use these shoes, our work will feel safer and we can move or work agilely. Why is that so? because the soles of these safety shoes are made of synthetic rubber which has adhesive power over other ordinary shoes so that your every footing will feel more stable, so you don't worry about slipping again even if you are standing on a puddle of oil.

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